We work as a compounding pharmacy, just ask and we will see if we can provide the product in the dosages that you want :3

We accept only Bitcoin and other cryptos (Theter, Ethereum etc) for the moment, we are looking into accepting other payment methods.

Those who pay with cryptocurrency will be helping me to keep working, as income tax, is a big problem in my country specially as something like selling things in the grey market. Those who pay with cryptocurrency will be guaranted the be able to buy again.

If you have any doubts with cryptocurrency just ask me trough e-mail and I can teach you.

ㅤㅤDISCLAIMER: We do not sell or agree to the resale of our products to minors. our packaging are just jokes and shouldn’t be taken seriously

Recently we’re having a lot of problems to send and receive messages from customers that are using yahoo.com, gmx.de and derivatives as mailbox providers. Please try using gmail, outlook, protonmail or another trustable mailbox service provider to make sure that you will be able to send and receive our messages. Also please keep an eye in the newsletter!